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Connecticut Yankee Pedaller Inc.

Welcome to South Central Iowa's Leading Bicycle (and Trike) Shop!

"Repairer and Purveyor of Bikes, Trikes, and the Like"

906 Court Ave, Chariton, IA   50049              641-774-5557

Recumbent Trikes (and Quads)


We have one of the largest selections of Recumbents Tricycles in all of Iowa!!! Come in and check them out.

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Used Trikes
Catrike Pocket Red 26 Conversion Catrike Pocket 26" Rear Wheel Conversion, Candy Apple Red, New Rear Tire $1799
Used Rans Trizard Rans Trizard Lowrider Delta $1599
Scorpion Blue Used Scorpion fx Blue 2009 $2999
Sun EZ-3 Red Used Sun EZ-3 Red $599



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