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Connecticut Yankee Pedaller Inc.

Welcome to South Central Iowa's Leading Bicycle (and Trike) Shop!

"Repairer and Purveyor of Bikes, Trikes, and the Like"

906 Court Ave, Chariton, IA   50049              641-774-5557



Dave Hendricks, Owner of CYP, Inc, with Mark and Paulo of Big Cat HPV


Josh Hendricks, Service Tech, with Mark and Paulo of Big Cat HPV

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  Bikes and Flowers in Clear Lake 2014  RAGBRAI Repair View in Graettinger   
  Bikes 'n Flowers in Clear Lake  RAGBRAI Repair View in Graettinger   


Iowa Bike Expo Pics- January 26, 2014

Connecticut Yankee Pedaller Display

Iowa Bike Expo 2014- 1
Recumbent of the Year-
HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs 26 and
Rans Crank Forward Bikes and Recumbents
Iowa Bike Expo- 2
Trikes from Catrike, TerraTrike, Greenspeed,
ICE, KMX, & HP Velotechnik
Iowa Bike Expo- 3

January 2014 Catrike and Miami Sun Trip

Dave on Bike in Florida

Catrike Manufacturing Plant

J and B Importers

(From Right to Left)
Mark, Chaim, Dave, & Dave

New SunRace

Catrike Colors for 2014

SunRace R. Der.

Catrike Building and Assembly Line

Electric Bionx

Bionx Kit on a Tri-Classic

Catrike Colors

SunRace STRX Brake and Shifters

Dave & Catrike

(From Right to Left)
Jack, Dave, Tom, & Ben

Catrike Building

Dave on Sun Crusher Bicycle

Wheel Building

Wheel Building at J & B Importers

November 2013 Recumbent Cycle Con Pics- Pamona, CA


2014 RCC- Dave on Scorpion fs 26
Dave on Scorpion fs 26
2013 Recumbent of the Year
  2013 RCC Dave on Scorpion fx
Dave on Scorpion fx
  2014 RCC Josh on VTX
Josh on ICE VTX
  2013 RCC Josh on Quad
Josh on Greenspeed Anura Quad
2013 RCC Dave & Josh on Hase Pino Tandem
Josh and Dave on Hase Pino
  2013 RCC Dave on Hase Kettwiesel
Dave on Hase Kettwiesel
  2013 RCC Dave on Cruzbike
Dave on Cruzbike
  2013 RCC Mountains from Ontario Airport
Mountains at Ontario, CA Airport
2013 RCC Iowa Contingent
Iowa Contingent at RCC-
All Ability, Bike Barn, & CYP
  2013 RCC Bentrider & TerraCycle
Dave with BentRiderOnline
and TerraCycle Staff
  2013 RCC Dave and ICE Staff
Dave with ICE Staff
  2013 RCC Dave and HP Staff
Dave with HP Velotechnik Staff





October 2013 TerraTrike Dealer Days- Grand Rapids, MI


TerraTrike Top 20 Dealer TerraTrike Rover NuVinci Auto TerraTrike Traveler Folder Dave TerraTrike Rambler MTB Conversion Dave
Top 20 Dealer- Connie & Dave with Jack Wiswell, TerraTrike CEO 2014 TerraTrike Rover Auto NuVinci 2014 TerraTrike Traveler Folding Trike 2014 "All Terrain" Kit- 24" Wheel for TerraTrike Rambler


Trek Travel Pics from Dave & Connie's Trip Sept. 29- Oct. 4 in Southern Utah


Trek Travel Utah 2013 Dave 1 Canyon by Boulder UT- Trek Travel 2013 Trek Travel Dave and Connie 1 Dave and Connie Bryce Canyon Overlook Dave and Connie at Zion Canyon
Dave the 1st Day on Burr Trail Road
Burr Trail Road Canyon Walls 1st Day Dave and Connie 2nd Day by Escalante Dave and Connie Bryce Canyon Overlook 3rd Day Dave and Connie at Zion Canyon 5th Day
Dave Trek Travel Utah- Jim 1 Dave Trek Travel Utah- Jim 2 Connie Trek Travel Utah- Jim 16 of 18 at Grafton Trek Travel Utah  
Dave at Bryce Canyon- Park Closed Dave at Bryce Canyon- Park Closed Connie at Bryce Canyon- Park Closed 16 of 18 Riders at Grafton Ghost Town  


Check with Dave or Connie on Trek Travel Recommendations- They have been on Trek Travel rides in Vermont, North Carolina, California, and now Southern Utah!!

Trek Travel provides everything, including the Bike, Lodging, Meals, and Guides- all you have to do is show up ready to ride!


October 2012 KATY Trail Shots Near Rocheport, MO
KATY Trail Oak Tree Connie KATY Trail Bridge Dave KATY Trail Bridge Trike Jordan KATY Trail Tunnel


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