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Dave and Connie Hendricks

Bicycle Service:
Josh & Jordan Hendricks

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July Hours:

Sun: Closed

Mon - Friday: 10 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Sat.: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday After 6:00 PM-
By Appointment

We will be open regular hours in Chariton while our mobile crew is servicing bikes and trikes on RAGBRAI!


Chariton Hospitality




Folding Catrike Trail - Is Here in Orange, coming also in Green!


Folding Catrike Trail 2014


TerraTrike Auto NuVinci Here- Take a Test Ride!


Rover Auto NuVinci Blue


Sun Eurus Sale- $1599- Regular Price $1999

Sun Eurus



HP Velotechnik

Scorpion S - Pedelec

Scorpion fs 26 S - Pedelec Now In Stock!

Pics and audio of Dave on Mickelson in the Morning


Pics from Catrike Factory &
Miami Sun Warehouse

Dave on Bicycle


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Now in Stock- HiWheel Bikes & Trikes

RBR Mini-Hi-Wheel
RBR Mini-HiWheel
28" Wheel-
$229 + Includes Freight
RBR Standard HiWheel
RBR Standard HiWheel
38" Wheel
 $929 + Freight
Flying Arrow
RBR Flying Arrow
48" Wheel
$1,499 + Freight
Adult Trike
RBR Adult Trike
48" Wheel
$2299 + Freight
Double Eagle RBR
RBR Double Eagle
48" Wheel
$2549 + Freight

Pics from TerraTrike Dealer Days


TerraTrike Top 20 Dealer TerraTrike Rover NuVinci Auto TerraTrike Traveler Folder Dave TerraTrike Rambler MTB Conversion Dave
Top 20 Dealer- Connie & Dave with Jack Wiswell, TerraTrike CEO 2014 TerraTrike Rover Auto NuVinci 2014 TerraTrike Traveler Folding Trike 2014 "All Terrain" Kit- 24" Wheel for TerraTrike Rambler



Design your own Project One Carbon Bicycle

Project One

Project 1 ISU Domane 56

 ISU Flames Project One Domane 56c In Stock


Thanks for visiting us at the Iowa Bike Expo Exhibit!  Iowa Bike Expo



Dave & Connie's Trek Travel Utah Pics (Sept. 29 - Oct. 4) Zion Canyon Pic



Trident Trikes - Now In Stock!

Spike 1          Stowaway II      Chameleon

Trident Trikes Logo Cropped





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